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Still Confused About Your Metrics?

Inconsistent reporting, data silos, and a lack of actionable insights lead to poor decision-making, operational inefficiencies, and missed growth opportunities.

Lack of Actionable Insights

Legacy solutions struggle to deliver meaningful metrics and KPIs, making it difficult to identify opportunities and mitigate risks.

Inconsistent Reporting

Disjointed solutions frequently produce unreliable business metrics, hindering informed decision-making.

Operational Inefficiencies

Relying on multiple tools increases manual effort and errors, slowing down business growth and agility.

Data Silos

Over-reliance on data teams, or the lack thereof, prevents a unified view of business operations, causing fragmented insights and delays.

Arch Brings Clarity

Unify Your Data

Centralize data from various sources into a single, cohesive platform, eliminating silos and providing a comprehensive view of business operations.

Simplify Your Data Stack

Automate data integration, transformation, and reporting processes to ensure consistent and accurate business metrics, enhancing trust and decision-making.

Activate Your Metrics

Transform raw data into meaningful metrics and KPIs with customizable workflows, enabling faster, data-driven decisions that drive growth and efficiency.

Scale with Your Business

Arch's scalable architecture supports business growth, allowing seamless expansion of data operations and integration of hundreds of data sources to meet evolving business needs.

Effortless Full-Scale Data Platform

Automate software delivery, boost productivity, and secure your end-to-end software supply chain.

Dashboard Overview

Key metrics and performance indicators analytics to operationalize your data.

Data Integration

Connect over 600 data sources with our intuitive integration, streamlining data and client onboarding.

Data Monitoring

Monitor data flows and pipeline statuses in real-time to ensure data accuracy and timeliness.

Custom Reports

Generate and schedule custom reports to meet specific business needs, providing actionable insights at your fingertips.

User Access Control

Manage user permissions and access levels to ensure data security and compliance across your organization.

Alerts and Notifications

Set up alerts and notifications for critical data events and thresholds, keeping your team informed and proactive.

Powered by the Leading Integration Community

Built by the same team behind Meltano and leveraging its robust foundation, Arch utilizes best-in-class open-source tools, supported by a vibrant and engaged community.


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Our analytics and data intelligence solutions help companies understand and operationalize their data into meaningful insights, supporting you as your operations grow. Arch acts as your own world-class data engineering team, meeting your every need and ensuring efficient and effective data management.

Global Enterprises
Global Enterprises

Integrate data from various business units to drive strategic decision-making.

Manage and analyze data across multiple portfolio companies with ease.


Empower your institution with Arch for academic success and operational efficiency.

Streamline data operations and deliver comprehensive insights for your clients.


Overcome the unique challenges of managing donor, volunteer, and participant data with Arch. Our unified platform simplifies data integration and reporting, enabling nonprofits to maximize their impact with actionable insights.

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